Java Tutoring

Java is a powerful language with a rich collection of editors and third party libraries. Here are some of my favorite Java topics that I know well and would love to share with you!

AWT - The first generation Java GUI Toolkit
BlueJ - Nice dev environment for beginners
Eclipse - My favorite IDE for Java
IntelliJ - Slick dev environment for pro’s
JavaFX - The third generation GUI Toolkit
JSP - Server site web page template format
JUnit - Unit testing framework for Java
Maven - XML build tool and package network
Servlet - Tried and true server side controller
Spring Boot - Convention over configuration
Swagger - API framework and documentor
Swing - The second generation Java GUI Toolkit
Selenium- Web automation framework
Tomcat - Servlets and JSP page webserver

I'm always available to review your assignment, study guide or project plan.
If you are interested, please contact me here and we can schedule your first session!


Reviews From My Students

"Jason is an excellent tutor. Quick response time to our request for sessions, excellent knowledge of the subject area (Java) and has been very helpful to my son. Definitely recommend him as a tutor." - Tricia

"Jason was very helpful in providing feedback and offering advice for my son's coding project. He is very knowledgeable in Java using turtle and was patient in answering all of my son's questions." - Mealnie

"Jason helped me with a Java Servlet project that was giving major problems and he was able to help me get it up and running. He also gave me some helpful pointers to side me in my goals for my career." - Wesley

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